Student Exhibition
Sale Primary School - Art Exhibition 2023
Oct 9, 2023
Nov 15, 2023
Coloured and patterned leaf works by the students at Sale Primary School.

Students in the Junior cohort at Sale Primary School havebeen learning about Bush Medicine 'Natures Pharmacy.' We watched a video aboutthe different plants and leaves in the Australian bush and how the IndigenousAustralians use them to cure many sicknesses. The Juniors then looked at anddiscussed artworks titled 'Bush Medicine' by artists Gloria Petyarre, RosemaryPitjara and Rosemary Petyarre.

Students then created their own Bush Medicine art pieces, using either warm orcool watercolours for their leaves. To make their bush floor background, theyused different tools such as sponges and sticks. Then then traced and cut outtheir leaves, and arranged them in a way to create movement, the artworks werethen finished off with white Perma Pens around the leaves.

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