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The Gippsland Art Gallery Foundation is the philanthropic lifeblood of the Gallery.
Established In 1965, the Gippsland Art Gallery was the first Victorian public art gallery to open east of Melbourne.

Since that time the Gallery has sought to expand the public’s understanding and appreciation of art, and to enrich the culture of Gippsland by collecting, conserving, presenting, interpreting, and promoting fine art and craft in the region.

Today the Gallery is home to a renowned collection of original artworks, formed broadly upon the theme of Gippsland and the natural environment. The collection includes painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, glass, textile, ceramics and woodwork.

As a not-for-profit public institution the Gallery’s collection belongs to the community, and is held by the Gallery in perpetuity for the enjoyment of all.

In addition to mounting exhibitions and building the collection, the Gallery serves the community in a number of ways. Staff regularly engage with school and community groups, the Gallery hosts a range of annual public events, and the Gallery also acts as a beacon for cultural tourism in the Gippsland region, to support the local economy.

About the Gallery Foundation

The Gippsland Art Gallery Foundation was established in 2020 as a Charitable Trust Fund created to assist the Gallery with the acquisition of artworks and specific projects that support the growth and promotion of the Gallery.

The Foundation is the philanthropic lifeblood of the Gallery. Funds received from donations and bequests are invested by the Foundation to create perpetual income for the Gallery. The impact over the long term is transformational, ensuring that the Gallery continues to grow and play a vital role in the cultural life of Gippsland for years to come.

A direct donation of cash can be made at any time using the Foundation form, and all donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible.

Your donation will be used to provide vital assistance to the Gallery, such as acquiring and conserving significant artworks, and supporting the exhibition and education programs. The Foundation will not fund day-to-day operational expenses of the Gallery, but rather, acquisitions and projects of an aspirational nature.

Leaving a Bequest

You can make a lasting contribution to the Gippsland Art Gallery by leaving a bequest to the Gallery Foundation in your will. Your gift will provide significant support for the Gallery in the future, in ways that may not be possible during your lifetime.

By notifying the Gallery Foundation of your bequest we will be able to acknowledge your generous act of benefaction during your lifetime.

The main types of bequests are:


A gift of a particular dollar amount or a specified percentage of your estate.


The remainder of your Estate once other distributions are completed.

Gifts can be made in the form of funds or property including artworks, shares or real estate.

When you next consider updating your will we would be happy to discuss with you any specific requests you may have and how your gift can have the greatest impact.

Acknowledging Your Support

Your support of the Gallery Foundation will be recognised in a number of ways. A donation or bequest can be made either in your name, in the name of a loved one, or anonymously. The Gallery Director would be pleased to talk to you about how you would like your gift to be remembered.

In addition, donations of the following amounts will be acknowledged on the Gippsland Art Gallery Foundation Honour Board:

  • Benefactor: $50,000+
  • Platinum Donor: $25,000+
  • Gold Donor: $5,000+
  • Silver Donor: $1,000+

Donations and bequests valued at $5,000 and above will give eligibility to join The John Leslie Society.

John Leslie Society

The John Leslie Society is a voluntary membership group that brings together people who have made a donation or a notified bequest to the Gippsland Art Gallery Foundation of $5,000 or above.

Simply notify the Gallery Foundation of your bequest by either:

  • Providing a copy of the relevant extract of your Will, or
  • ‍Providing a confirming letter from your solicitor or legal representative

Membership of The John Leslie Society will enable your gift to the Gallery Foundation to be acknowledged and celebrated within your lifetime.

You will receive invitations to exclusive events and regular information from the Gallery about how your gift is benefitting the collection and programs.

The John Leslie Society is named after the Gippsland Art Gallery’s inaugural Patron and greatest benefactor, John Leslie OBE (1919–2016).

Wording your Bequest

The following wording may be used when writing or updating your will:

“I give and bequeath to the Gippsland Art Gallery Foundation ACN 640 492 600, c/- Gippsland Art Gallery, 70 Foster Street, Sale, Victoria, 3850, the sum of $_ or _% (or _% of the remainder of my estate) to assist the Gippsland Art Gallery with the acquisition of artworks and projects that support the growth and promotion of the Gallery”.

We encourage everyone who has included the Gippsland Art Gallery Foundation in their Will to notify us.

Doing so will provide opportunities for you to enjoy a greater engagement with the Gallery, and acknowledging notified bequests often inspires others to give.


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A Message from the Chairperson
The Gallery owes much to its supporters and benefactors, who have collectively contributed over 80% of its regionally significant art collection.

These are everyday people who have made a contribution to the Gallery, however large or small, that will live on for generations.

Donors have also contributed enormously to the facilities in which the Gallery operates, from its humble beginnings through to the current superb building. Each building block along the way would not have been possible without support from generous supporters.

I would like to invite you to consider joining me in making a donation or leaving a bequest to the Gallery Foundation. Together we can all play a part in the next chapter of the Gallery’s evolution.

The Foundation is a formal, stand-alone public philanthropic trust and exists for those who want to give back to our community by supporting the Gallery.

There are six Trustees who represent a wide community and have extensive expertise. We purchase professional advice and management to ensure donated funds grow through wise investment.

By supporting the Gallery today you can lay the seeds for its future growth tomorrow and into the future.

The Trustees and Gallery Director would be happy to speak to you about your wishes.

Gallery Trustees
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John Gibson
Trustee Chair
Retired Dentist
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Bronwyn Barbetti
Trustee Chair
School Teacher
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Howard Connor
Trustee Chair
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Dan Davine
Trustee Chair
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Ann Wootton
Trustee Chair
Retired Public Company CEO
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Jennifer Oliver
Trustee Chair
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