School Memberships
The Gippsland Art Gallery provides high-quality Education Programs for students and teachers to help improve student outcomes and foster a passion for the arts.
Explore the numerous advantages offered through Gippsland Art Gallery's school memberships, enhancing the educational experience for schools.
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Education Program

Gippsland Art Gallery’s Education Program aims to provide students with access to a broad range of cultural experiences in order to develop their skill sets in the wider community.

Available throughout the school year, the Gippsland Art Gallery’s Education Program engages Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school students and teachers. Focusing on improving student learning outcomes, the program is designed to enable continuity with the school curriculums to support planning guidelines.

These programs focus on current exhibitions and the gallery’s collection with curriculum links to VEYLDF, the Victorian Curriculum, VCE and VCAL. The Education Program facilitates access to the gallery’s collection, temporary exhibitions, resources and specialist staff, and aims to develop meaningful and relevant learning experiences for all students.

Membership Entitlements

Education Membership

Benefits of an Education Membership include subsidised bus trips to visit the gallery, Outreach sessions at your school and free Teacher Professional Development sessions. Member schools and Kindergartens can be part of student exhibitions, as well as gain access to gallery display areas and special programs.

Exhibition Workshops

An Inreach session for K-10, VCE and Tertiary Levels. A tailored gallery visit exploring selected exhibitions including meanings and messages, art styles, materials, and techniques, followed by a related art-making workshop.

Connection with the Collection

An Outreach session for K-10, VCE and Tertiary Levels. Discover more about the gallery’s collection by investigating one of its artworks. Explore ways of looking at, talking about and appreciating art, and respond creatively to make your own artwork.

Teacher Professional Development

A range of professional development sessions are offered for teachers including Teacher Previews at the beginning of the school year, as well as skills-based, hands-on and curriculum-related professional development sessions.

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