Student Exhibition
Annemieke Inspired Student Artworks 2024 - Education Member Schools
Jan 29, 2024
May 26, 2024
Gippsland Art Gallery invited member schools in Gippsland to participate in a mini canvas project, inspired by Sale artist Annemieke Mein.

Students were asked to produce a 10cm x 10cm artwork that drew inspiration from Annemieke’s artworks. Students from kindergarten through to secondary, responded with nature inspired works, using a range of textile and mixed media mediums.  

The variety of approaches reflects the various kindergartens, schools and individuals that participated.

Gallery staff have arranged the artworks to resemble large hanging tapestries, with over 2000 artworks they are a feast for the eyes. This artwork was designed to run alongside Annemieke Mein’s major retrospective exhibition, from March 2 to May 26.

Thank you to the following kindergartens, schools and individuals for their involvement in the project: Boisdale Consolidated School, East Sale Kinder, Gippsland Grammar – St Anne’s, Guthridge Primary School, Gwenfa Hampton Kinder, Home School Students, Hyland Kinder, Longford Kinder, Longford Primary School, Maffra Primary School, Orbost Secondary College, Rosedale Primary School, Sale & District Specialist School, Sale 545 Primary School, Sale College, Sale North Kinder, St Thomas Primary School, Yarram Secondary College.

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