Introducing the Gippsland Art Gallery Foundation
Gippsland Art Gallery is pleased to announce the creation of its first ever dedicated philanthropic Foundation.
Dec 8, 2022

The Gallery Foundation has been created as a charitable trust fund to assist the Gippsland Art Gallery with the acquisition of major artworks and projects that support the growth and promotion of the Gallery.

Managed by an independent Board of Directors, the Foundation will become the philanthropic lifeblood of the Gallery. Funds received from donations and bequests will be invested by the Foundation to create perpetual income for the Gallery, ensuring that it continues to grow and play a vital role in the cultural life of Gippsland for years to come.

The Foundation’s aim is to purchase works to strengthen the Gallery’s art collection and increase its attraction of people to Wellington Shire. The Foundation allows people to donate and receive tax deductibility, as well as participate in member’s events and showcases.

Financial support from the Foundation will be directed into major artworks and projects outside the normal capacity of the Gallery only, with day-to-day operational costs continuing to be met by Wellington Shire Council and the Victorian State Government through Creative Victoria.

Direct donations of cash can be made at any time, and all donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible. Those making a donation or leaving a notified bequest to the Gallery Foundation of $5,000 or more will be eligible to join the John Leslie Society, named after the Gallery’s inaugural Patron, John Leslie OBE (1919-2016).

Founding Chair, John Gibson, said:

“The Foundation was the brainchild of former local philanthropic identity, John Leslie, whose support for the Gallery over the years amounted to approximately $2 million. John believed everyone could be philanthropic and contribute no matter how big or small, and that is why the Foundation was established.”

“We have a fantastic art gallery and gallery collection which we want to increase. The six-member Board has been working online to progress the Foundation’s establishment and is looking forward to a public launch with community members,” John continued.

While the Gallery Foundation was established in late April, the global pandemic has delayed the announcement until now. For more information please email, or contact the Foundation Chair, John Gibson, on 0417 361 729.

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