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The Art of Annemieke Mein
Jun 8, 2024
Nov 17, 2024
permanent exhibition
Visitors to Annemieke’s first exhibition since the major retrospective A Life’s Work in autumn will be thrilled to find some ‘old favourites’ returning, plus a couple of new surprises.

Exhibition 11 of enduring The Art of Annemieke Mein will see the return of several major works including Superb Blue Wrens (1981), Silvereyes (1983), Owlet Nightjar (1996–2021), and the Diving Blue-Billed Duck (1992), alongside drawings, plans and educational showcases.

The exhibition will also feature three major ‘label’ works: La Bel–Labels and Moths (2017), The Silverfish (2019), and The Clothes Moth (2020). Each of these marvelously detailed works incorporates clothing labels to capture the flutter of the moth’s wings, or the shimmer of a silverfish’s surface.

An exciting feature of Exhibition 11 is the inclusion of the previously unseen Colour Plan and Pencil Design for the Owlet Nightjar, which show the stages Annemieke has gone through in the lead up to commencing the final work (which took twenty-five years to complete!). The exhibition also includes the stunning watercolour Dust to Dust (1990), her first watercolour painting created after undertaking master art classes in flora and fauna with Charles McCubbin (1930–2010). An exquisite piece, Dust to Dust reveals that there is much more to the art of Annemieke Mein than textiles!

Selected Artworks
Annemieke MEIN
Diving Blue-Billed Duck
Textile wall sculpture
145 x 103 x 6 cm
Collection Gippsland Art Gallery. Donated through the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program by the Bate family in memory of John & Liz Bate, 2020 Courtesy the artist.
The artist
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