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Gwandidj Djiriban - They are us
Aug 19, 2023
Feb 11, 2024
permanent exhibition
This spring the Borun & Tuk Gallery features 'Gwandidj Djiriban—They Are Us', a multi-generational family exhibition that showcases four generations of artists in the Mullett family.

This spring the Borun & Tuk Gallery features Gwandidj Djiriban—They Are Us, a multi-generational family exhibition that showcases four generations of artists in the Mullett family: Albert Mullett, Rachel Mullett, Richard Mullett, Michael Mullett, Jennifer Mullett, Doris Paton, Christine Johnson, Tim Paton, Kerrie Clarke, Ben Pender, Hollie Johnson, Steaphan Paton, Jirrah Pender, and Njarala Paton.

Gwandidj Djirriban explores continual inspiration of cultural life as Gunai / Ngarigo Monero and the lifelong custodianship of connection to places, story and country. A deep connection that is the source of knowledge passed to the younger generations in the family. It is a continuous longline of tradition and intergenerational knowledge, and understanding of who we arethey are uswe are them. The younger generation now knowledge keepers and the ‘eyes and footprints’ of their Elders and Ancestors.

Each artist’s spiritual sense of belonging is guided by their strong ancestral connections, memories, stories and connection to the country of their generations of grandparents.

This powerful exhibition is a collective of individual and interdisciplinary artists whose contemporary and traditional work embodies culture and knowledge. Each expressed differently but collectively in vivid colour, in symbols and imagery through printmaking, drawing, textiles, wood craft,  jewellery and painting.

The Borun & Tuk Gallery is the Gippsland Art Gallery’s dedicated exhibition space for First Nations artists living and working on Gunaikurnai Country, working across a range of mediums. This immersive, blacked-out space showcases a changing line up of outstanding talent by local artists, so be sure to check back regularly.

Selected Artworks
Richard MULLETT (Gunai/Monero Ngarigo Peoples)
Acrylic on board.
39.5 x 29.3cm (visible)
The estate of the artist.
Kerrie CLARKE (Gunai/Monero Ngarigo Peoples)
Acrylic on canvas.
60.7 x 60.7cm
Courtesy the artist.
The artist.
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