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Double Vision: Nadine Lineham & Frank Mesaric
Jun 3, 2023
Aug 20, 2023
permanent exhibition
'Double Vision' is a compelling joint exhibition from Sale-based artists Nadine Lineham & Frank Mesaric.

Sale couple Nadine Lineham and Frank Mesaric have each led long and prodigious careers as artists, in which their sharing of ideas and influences in a single studio space has produced fascinating results.

Both predominately painters, who work occasionally in other materials, Nadine and Frank’s artworks appear, at times, to be polar opposites, while at others they coalesce in strange patterns and echoes.

It is this dynamic tension between the very individual art practices of Nadine Lineham and Frank Mesaric, brought together by virtue of their shared lives and studio arrangements, that gives this exhibition of recent works its unpredictable edge.

While Frank has established a reputation as Gippsland’s preeminent painter of darkness, Nadine explores abstract spaces both ambiguous and eerily familiar. Both, however, are drawn to the shadows and flickering light that illuminates that condition of the gothic that Gippsland claims as its own—a double vision where nothing is as it seems.

Selected Artworks
Let the Ocean Stand Between It
Oil and mixed media on board
90 x 90cm
Courtesy the artist.
The artist.
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