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Ceramic Stories
Mar 5, 2022
Apr 18, 2022
permanent exhibition
A vast and eclectic private collection of pottery spanning centuries.

Every piece of ceramic has a story to tell. Or so they say. We put the theory to the test in Ceramic Stories, which showcases the vast, eclectic, yet strangely cohesive collection assembled by Gippsland potter Owen Rye over the course of his lifetime in ceramics.

The stories behind each piece are as diverse as the pieces themselves, and are connected to the places he has visited (including his travels as an archaeologist in the Middle East), and the people he has known (the leading lights of world ceramics over the last half century). The oldest pieces in the collection can be dated to between 1,200 BC and 1,400 BC. The most recent have been completed in the last few years. In their totality, this range of sometimes bizarre, sometimes beautiful pieces represents points along a journey through life.

‘Ceramic Stories’ features works by Christopher Headley, Andrea Hylands, Sandra Johnstone, Rick Wood, Peter Steggall, Gerry Wedd, Peter Ries, Col Levy, Tony Nankervis, Janet Mansfield, Susan Robey, Ivan McMeekin, Alan Peascod, Sandra Black, Chester Nealie, and many others.

Selected Artworks
Stoneware with coloured slips.
52.4 x 26 x 18.1cm
Courtesy the artist.
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